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My favourite places to shoot in Sydney.

Love street photography? Wondering where and what to shoot? Do you want to shoot the iconic Opera House or do you want to go off the beaten track and visit some hidden gems? Here are some of my favourite places, as seen through my eyes.


City streets

I just love street photography and enjoy exploring my hometown and capturing the working city: people shopping on a Saturday afternoon, office workers enjoying a walk during their lunch-break or commuters heading home after a busy day at work. I love adding street signs/typography to the composition.



The Queen Victoria Building is a late nineteenth-century building, constructed between 1893 and 1898. Marvel at its majestic dome, the mosaic floor tiles and the staircase featuring beautiful stained glass windows. I love how the late afternoon sun lights up the space and creates awesome contrast and silhouettes.



Sydney hosts a lot of free public events during the year and Vivid Sydney is one of the most popular. Thousands of people flock to this festival of light. And isn’t capturing beautiful light what photography is all about.



The Museum for Contemporary Art is one of my favorite places to get inspired. Not only is it a great architectural landmark to shoot, I also love capturing visitors engaging with the works exhibited.



Angel Place is a hidden gem located in one of the CBD’s lane-ways near Martin Place. The thought provoking installation ‘Forgotten Songs’ engages audiences with the beauty, unexpectedness and unfamiliarity of displaced bird-songs. I often include people in my shots to create a greater sense of scale.



I love exploring the inner-west suburb of Newtown on foot, taking in its bohemian and alternative scene. Visit the many shops, cafe’s, restaurants but please don’t forget about discovering the beautiful and quirky street-art.



Museum Station, Sydney’s first underground train station, makes you feel you’ve stepped back in time. It’s like finding yourself waiting for a train on a London tube platform. In particular, as a graphic designer, I love the signage and typography.



You can find some cutting edge contemporary architecture around Shelly Street in the CBD, an area showcasing some of Sydney’s most futuristic buildings. Macquarie Bank’s exterior is just awesome.



Last but not least, I just couldn’t go past this Aussie icon. The Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece and is one of the most recognised and photographed buildings in the world. The challenge I’ve set myself as a photographer is to capture it in a new and unique way. Not an easy task.

What locations would you recommend? Can you add to the list? Please feel free to share or leave a comment and/or suggestion, would love to hear from you! Cheers, D.

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